These are the awards my site has won. Many thanks and appreciation to all those listed here

Have A Heart Award

27 March 1997

28 March 1997

6 April 1997

13 April 1997

27 April 1997

25 May 1997

26 August 1997
Thank you Erik for this great award!
Family Connection Award
Visit Erik's site and join the Family Connection Webring

29 September 1997
Wolfsong Award

I am proud to be a member of a wonderful group called Ladies of the Heart
Featured LOTH
I was a Featured Ladies of the Heart member for the week beginning the 17th August, 1997

I was also featured in Garden House Spotlight for December 1997.

21 February 1998
Willowhall Award

1st March 1998
The Hope Award

27th March 1998
Site of Dreams Award

4th February 2001 - My site was the Aussie's Together Ring Site of the Week
Aussie's Together Ring - Site of the Week

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Sarah Fontana

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